The Climate-Hotels-Forest is situated in the East of Panama, in cooperation with our partner CO₂OL: Degraded pastureland in the province of Darien is being reforested with a mixed culture of mostly native tree species.

Numbers and Facts
Location:  Province of Darien, Panama
Size:  13.81 ha (34.53 acres), approx. 15,191 planted trees
CO2 reservoir: about 2,521 t
Standards: Gold Standard, CarbonFix Standard, CCB Standard, FSC-certificated

Why Panama?
We only have a few years left to avoid a global temperature rise by more than 2 degrees. It is for this reason that, with respect to climate protection, we reforest in the tropics as the early plant growth (biomass growth = CO₂ binding) is much quicker there than in our more northern regions.


Advantages for flora and fauna
Panama is situated where two continents meet and is a 'hot-spot' for biodiversity, like it is rarely found anywhere else on the planet. Because of its high proportion of native tree species and the mixed reforestation, it results in an ecological system that gives both animals and plants a new living space. In addition, the project supports the natural succession and regeneration of the system due to the protection offered by the reforested areas.

Advantages for the population
The project supports the improvement of the working conditions and living standards of the rural population of Panama.
The employees receive salaries above the official minimum wages, including health insurance and pensions as well as additional support such as life insurance to protect their families and job training and further education.

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